Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

January 4, 2012

I am back. Yeah. Finally. You can find me on under thepinkpoodle2008.

Well Happy New Year for 2012!!! I wish each and every one of you the best of New Years and Happy and Healthy and Godly and Prosperous one for you and me too.

This year is going to be the BEST!

I decided to try Etsy. I had tried Ebay and I love it. So venturing out and expanding my knowledge-I had to at least try. For me I do not know if that is all that easy.

With everything that we have had to do. With helping my MILaw with her move, moving her and moving into the M&M Ranch and moving out her rentals and painting the inside and out and moving everything ourselves and painting It has been two years now. With working at the time full time at the time and trying to do all this. Yipes. We are finally winding down and getting ready to paint the inside of our old house. Yeah.

We have expanded our animal family. I do not know if I told you all or not. At Terry's work he found a little kitten. She became friendly with him. He fed her every day. We decided to take her home and give her a permanent home. We named her Giuliana. She is Beautiful. Tiger striped with jade green eyes.

Well, we thought she was a kitten. One day I said to Terry I think she is pregnant. He said do not even say that. Well she was and we thought she had five girls. It takes a while for the sex to mature in kittens. We named them five girl names. Then we found out they were boys. Boy adjusting to girl names and then having to change them to boy names. LOL.

She had a black kitten and a tan kitten and a red kitten and two tiger twins just like her. Well, then Terry called me and said I am bringing home a black and white baby kitten. She is sooooo young she is just hours or days young and her paws were still pink from birth. He said that another worker named Roberto had found her in the street. He could not keep her, but someone from work promised too. That we would just have her for the weekend and on Monday she would have another home.

Too funny. The Lord knew where to place her. She once again became a he and we went through the name change. Only this time the vet had said that she was a she and not a he. But it turns out she is a he and his name is Oliver not Olivia. The person who was supposed to take him could not. We literally had to learn to bottle feed him and teach him to pee and poop. They do not come with instructions. They do not like it, but you have to tickle their belly after they eat or every two hours and then wipe them and clean them. I thank the good Lord that he gave us the strength and knowledge of just what to do. This goes on for eight weeks or more. The kitten is now 7 months and he is getting along with the others. At first this was not so. They were curious and jealous and not going to give into this kitten.

With our eight dogs on one side and the five kittens on the other side and the cows on the outside we have our hands full. My MILaw took two kittens to help us out. My friend Susie on the Internet said wow Darlene you and Terry saved seven lives. I did not think of it that way, but I guess that is true. Unfortunatly, there are other cats up at his work. Guiliana was the only won to be able to catch at the time. Now there are kittens up there and they need homes.

Terry still feeds them each and every day and we go up there on weekends to feed them, but it costs a lot of money. If anyone knows of someone who wants some kittens you can get me at Please, please write to us. There are three black kittens and a Mother who is white and tiger striped and 3-4 tiger striped. They are about two months young.

These kittens are in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Love to All. Talk soon.


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